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One-on-one clinical care from an esthetician who specializes in acne.


Active formulas for controlling acne and maintaining clear skin.


Everything affects your skin - diet, medications, stress, sleep, even your laundry.


In everything from picking makeup to managing stress, your skin specialist is on your side.


At your initial appointment at the Clear Day Acne Clinic office in Sacramento, your skin will be analyzed and tested for sensitivity, dryness/oiliness, type of acne, and grade of acne. Your acne specialist will also review your health history, lifestyle and dietary habits, and check your existing makeup products for comedogenicity.


She will create a treatment plan designed for your skin, and perform an acne facial treatment consisting of an enzyme treatment or corrective peel, plus extractions, to kick-start your progress. Follow-up appointments are scheduled 2 weeks thereafter, and each time your specialist will make adjustments to your treatments and product usage in order to speed your progress. After 4-6 months of regular treatment, most clients will be clear.

Treatment cost: $170 for initial consultation and treatment appointment (plus cost of products, see below), $120 per follow-up treatment thereafter



Products recommended vary depending on a variety of factors, including skin type and acne type. But for most people, products consist of the following:


  • cleanser,

  • toner,

  • moisturizer,

  • sunscreen, and

  • topical medicated creams and serums

Exact products and brands will differ from person to person. 

Be prepared to change all of your skin care products at the first appointment. Our acne specialists retain strict control over product usage and your skin care regimen in order to reduce the variables that keep people from getting clear.

Clear Day Acne Clinic does not sell products to the public - only to our clients.

Product cost: $150-$200 for a two-to-three month supply of all products (required for new clients), $20 to $70 refills sold individually as needed



At your initial appointment, your acne specialist will help you identify the key factors in your lifestyle that may be keeping you from healthy skin.

Sleep, stress, and food can substantially impact your skin. You may discover that you are sensitive to dairy, for example, or that your workout habits may be adding to the problem.

If you wear makeup, the choices you make can dramatically impact your ability to maintain clear skin. 

We don't focus on forcing you to make lifestyle changes. Rather, we encourage you toward the lifestyle choices that will help you achieve the goals you have for your skin and overall health.



We take pride in your skin. So we're here for you when you need us. We continue to work with you after you get clear to keep an eye on adjustments that may be needed as your skin changes. 

It could be that you move to a different climate and your skin changes overnight. You may need to make sure you feel confident as you stand beside your best friend on his wedding day. Perhaps you've been cast as the lead in a play and need to find a heavy-coverage makeup that won't break you out. 

We never forget the people who've trusted us with their skin. And we're here for you for the long haul, not just for today.

Still have questions? Contact us anytime - we're happy to help you find the right solution, even if it's not with our clinic.

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